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97 Orchard Street was built to house the poor, not built to last. Home to more than 7,000 people, and now visited by as many as 6,000 per week, the physical fabric of the building is in need of care.

Although designated as a National Historic Landmark, it was never a home to the wealthy or the celebrated. However it remains an outstanding survivor of the many humble buildings built as housing for poor immigrants who came pouring in to New York Harbor in search of a better life.

Today, its worn hallways and peeling paint summon the ghosts of the past to illustrate one of America’s most important stories - the story of how people from hundreds of nations became Americans, and of how Americans have become a people. The Museum’s recreated apartments enable visitors to explore how these newcomers lived, worked, raised families, kept house, and built our nation.

Help us maintain 97 Orchard Street for generations to come.

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