How An Exhibit Is Born

Pamela Keech, Furnishings Curator
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Pamela Keech transports visitors to 1918.

The Museum's furnishings curator, Pamela conjures the past: "the details have to be right. Something cannot just appear in an apartment. It has to have a story.”

While we knew that the family ate seudat havra-ah (meal of consolation) after burying Abraham, we couldn't figure out what dishes they used.

Pamela Keech had to know. Even the Rogarshevskys’ dishes had to have a story.

To find out, we turned to the Rogarshevskys' descendents, who gave us plates that were once used in their ancestors' apartment. The family's plates told us that the Rogarshevskys owned dishes that were simple but hardly plain, just like the plates Pamela Keech placed in their restored apartment.