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Culinary Conversations

Culinary Conversations explore the vibrant food life of immigrant New York, both past and present. Among our featured guests you will find cookbook authors, food critics, historians, and filmmakers, along with a full cast of working food producers from neighborhood butchers to three-star chefs. Culinary Conversations are multi-sensory events, combining talk, tastings, screenings, and cooking demonstrations in a series of evening programs.

Stay tuned for spring culinary conversations including celebrity chefs, a culinary tour of chinatown's diverse cuisine, an insider account of butcher shops and a conversation with urban farmers.

Jane Ziegelman

Jane Ziegelman is the series
curator and host of Culinary
Conversations. Ziegleman, food
historian and writer, is the author
of the bestselling book, 97 Orchard: An Edible History of Five Immigrant Families In One New York Tenement. The book and Culinary Conversations are products of Ziegelman's twenty year relationship with the Museum. She has presented food-related talks and cooking classes in libraries and schools across the country.

From the city's earliest history, immigrants have created in a strange environment - the familiar foods of home. Historically, the immigrants' hunger was fed by merchants and peddlers, restaurant keepers, food artisans, tradespeople, and home cooks, transforming New York's culinary life in the process. While the immigrants have changed, the food saga is still unfolding as new groups continue to settle in New York, forever redrawing the city's culinary map.

$30 each

Tickets may be purchased in a series (for three or more events) at a discount rate.

Culinary Conversations are held in a wheelchair accessible space equipped with induction loops. For a full list of accessible programs and services, visit our accessibility page.

Call 1-877-975-3786 for details. tickets are limited and all sales are final.

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