Tenement Museum Gift Guide for Holiday 2014
December 2, 2014

The Little Book Of Jewish Celebrations $18.95

With all the sparkle and shine of the holiday season, we can sometimes forget some of the details, origins, and responsibilities of holidays we’re celebrating. This sophisticated little book could be the perfect reminder for you or someone important.

Tea Leaf Reading Kit $12.99

If you know someone who thinks a message from the great beyond is the same as a message from OkCupid, you’ve come to the right place. Because good old-fashioned superstitions are what we’re missing today, bring home this Tea-Leaf Reading Kit and reach out to something off the grid.

Letters to my Future Self $14.95

They say hindsight is 20/20 but don’t underestimate foresight. These adorable “letters to my future self” are a sweet way of forecasting  the future while finding out what is meaningful in the present tense. The gift  keeps giving long into the future; when the message is opened up years from now everyone will have fun remembering good times, trials, and that bagel place that was gone too soon.

Oy Vey Sticky Notes $4.99

Let’s face it – for even the calmest among us the holidays can become a hassle. Head-off the humbug by gifting these “Oy –Vey” sticky notes. With all the helpful pragmatism of a post-it and the humor to get you through, these sticky notes belong on your desk and in the hands of someone you love who desperately needs some holiday help.

Christmas Stories $15.99

In the digital age some of the best gifts are those you can have and hold. Everyman Editions are hardcover books built to last several technology cycles. Give someone special this Everyman Library Edition of Christmas Stories, a lovely collection of Christmas-inspired short fiction by some of the world’s most beloved authors.

Holidays on Ice $10.99

Some folks get sentimental about the holidays- and then there is David Sedaris. Deemed one of America’s best comic writers, David Sedaris changes the Ho ho ho’s to hahaha’s every time. This collection pokes fun at holidays year-round making it a great choice for those who celebrate Christmas and those who don’t.

About Face $16.99

“About Face” is one of those children’s gifts you won’t be able to resist picking up and won’t mind leaving around the house. Tidy enough to bring to a restaurant and captivating enough to last several rounds, this cleverly designed set of cards creates faces and tricks the player into seeing faces even when you’ve left the cards at home.  160 pieces, appropriate for ages 3+

A Jewish Celebration $15.99

You’ve got piles of latkes, stacks of gelt, and packs of family and friends…don’t get caught without the tunes! Like that uncle you know you can trust with the stereo, Putamayo World Music has been producing collections of international sounds since 1993. This collection turns to Jewish Celebrations as a theme to bring together klezmer, reggae, ska and more.

New York Notecards $15.95

Don’t let her nationality fool you; Susy Pilgrim Waters knows New York. Her designs grace the Children’s Room at the Central Branch of the New York Public Library, and others can be spotted all about town. Elegantly long, these New York note cards are classic enough to be well received in any corner of the globe. Includes 20 note cards and envelopes.


 New York Travel Pouch $24.99

Is the truly chic woman really a minimalist or does she just have very stylish storage? For the traveler whose home base is always New York, pick up this stylish travel bag, sporting a vintage map of Manhattan on the front and pink grosgrain detail on the reverse side. Wherever she is off to at least her effects will be in order. The bag has a zip closure and is large enough to store an ipad mini or a host of other necessities.

New York Notebook and Pen $21.99

For the same world-class broad or for another lady in your life consider the New York Notebook and Pen. This notebook is equally apt for the type-A personality on top of her game or a free spirit who wants to capture the moment.

Alpine Ornaments Baubles Set $14.99

Bring Christmas past up to date with these classic wooden ornaments. These quiet shapes are energized by lovely colors and breathe holiday spirit without the bad taste of some more commercial decorations. Don’t limit these ornaments to just tree decoration. Our experts suggest using them as drink tags or as the final touch for gift decorating. Set includes 24 ornaments.

Alpine Ornaments Finch Set $14.99

These charming finches are just what your holiday requires. These ornaments are a beautiful addition to any tree but are cheerfully at home in or on a nondenominational gift bag. Go on – be a little flighty. Set includes 24 ornaments.

An American Story DVD $14.99

Wishing you could send your loved ones on a trip to the Tenement Museum? Well you should! But if distance and expense is tipping the scales this year, or if they’ve already been there done that, let our award-winning documentary tell them our “American Story.” The DVD explores the history of some of the over 7000 immigrants who lived at 97 Orchard Street and delves into the unique techniques the Museum uses to tell their tales. Run time is 33 minutes.

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