Snapshot Winners!
October 24, 2013

As always, our recent Snapshot event yielded some amazing photos! Snapshot attendees roamed our re-created spaces to take pictures of 97 Orchard Street’s well-loved rooms and lesser-known corners.

Georgina Castanon takes the prize for best Snapshot photo this time around. Glowing color and light give an ethereal quality to her image of the Gumpertz family apartment.We’re especially impressed with the way Georgina captured the texture of the handmade lace on the shelf.

Gumpertz Kitchen

Georgina Castanon's winning photo of the Gumpertz kitchen

It was tough to choose a favorite, so we’re happy to announce two remarkable runners-up, as well: Paul LaRosa and Nina Keul.

"Detail of a Cross"; Paul LaRosa's image taken in the Baldizzi apartment

Tenement Staffer Tricia Kang appreciated Paul’s attention to individual objects in the re-created homes. Often when we experience these rooms as a whole, we lose sight of the details, but as Tricia says, “that’s where the stories are”.  Paul did a great job of capturing the beauty in small objects, like the rosary on display in the Baldizzi apartment.

Nina Keul's image of 97 Orchard Street's layered linoleum

Nina Keul’s image of 97 Orchard Street’s layered linoleum

Staffer David Eng favored Nina Keul’s photo, saying that “the mix of patterns and layers represent the layers of very different stories told in our tenement.” To read more about the building’s crazy-quilt of antique linoleum patterns, check out a recent blog post here.

97 Orchard Street is pretty photogenic, if we may say so!

Posted by Kira Garcia