Holiday Gift Giving, New York Style! Part Three of the Tenement Gift Guide
November 25, 2013

With Hannukah and Black Friday all in one week, I’m sure that you’ve got everything under control. You’ve already bought a perfect gift for everyone on your list. A gift that expresses your utmost love for the recipient. They will absolutely love it, and maybe they will even shed a little tear of gratitude, right?

If that doesn’t describe you, please look below for the last of our holiday gifts from the Tenement Museum Shop (all available online too!).

Retro Alarm Clock (available in red, blue, and green): $15.95

There’s only one morning when getting out of bed is fun – Christmas. However, there are 364 other days in the year, and this retro designed alarm clock is made specifically for those days. This clock from Kikkerland is available in three colors and has a vintage 1960’s design. A great gift for the person on your list who is always late, this clock won’t make waking up any more fun, but it will make it easier for them to get to work on time…

Bike Repair Kit: $21.95

Take it from a lady who once had to walk 3 miles home with a flat bike tire, every New Yorker with a bike needs this small and handy bike repair kit. This Wild & Wolf kit includes 2 metal tyre levers, a multi-function bicycle tool, 20ml of rubber solution, a bone wrench, metal rasp, 9 rubber patches in 3 sizes, and, of course, instructions which may or may not get read when the flat tire in the rain breakdown occurs. Save your biking friends with this great gift!

Radiator Pin: $8:50

Winter in New York City wouldn’t be complete without the comforting hissing and popping of a trusty radiator. Someone on your list this year could be wearing their love of a cozy apartment on their sleeve (or more likely their lapel) with this hand-made-in-New-York pin!

Let Them Drink Coffee coffee mug: $14.95

Perfect for an aristocratic caffeine-addict who enjoys historical puns and cake. Just watch your head!

New York City Subway Watch: $38.95

This New York City subway watch is perfect for the strap-hanger on your list. The band features a design from the Subway map, and the face has 12 different line logos as the hour markers. The person who receives this elegant watch can glance at it angrily as they wait 45 minutes for the G train.

New York City Snowglobe: $11.95

For all the New Yorkers that don’t live here comes this quirky New York City snow globe. Featuring a taxi, the Statue of Liberty, and some skyscrapers, there’s so much to love under this globe. Shake it up and see how it really snows in New York!

 Finch Ornament Set: $12.95


No Christmas tree is complete without a few birds. These solid wood finch ornaments in an array of colors will compliment any tree and prove once and for all that feathers and firs can get along! (Snowflakes and ornaments shapes are also available.)

NYC Subway Map Umbrella: $20.00

For the strap-hangers that don’t like watches comes the New York City Subway map umbrella! There’s nothing worse than having to cower under an awning during a sudden New York downpour; with this umbrella, you can save your friends and family from such a fate. But please, tell them not to open it on the train in order to figure out where their next stop is.

Just to remind you, here are the links to the gifts mentioned in Parts One and Two of our Gift Guide!

Blue Q Socks (many types available): $9.99 each

The Daily Mood: $9.95

Kosher Kards Spread Good Schmear: $12.95

Snow Day Puzzle: $17.95

Bashful Reindeer and  Bashful Penguin: $18.95

Deluxe Surprise Balls for Christmas or Hanukkah: $16.99

NanoBlocks NYC Chrysler BuildingEmpire State Building, and Statue of Liberty: $29.99 – $44.95

Tree Tops: $12.99

Utility tools, Pen Knife and Multi-tool: $27.95- $35.95

Mova Globe in multiple sizes and numerous striking finishes: $140 – $360.

Banned Book Matches: $9.99

Chicken Bag: $32.00

2014 Rifle Cities Desk Calendar: $16.99

Dear New York I Love You Tote Bag: $24.99

Hanukcats: $9.95

Cubebots, (Natural wood or Multicolored): $8.00 each

Personal Library Kit: $16.99

Brownstone Tea Towels (Red and Blue): $16.95 each

Salt & Peper New York Landmarks: $27.95

Well, there you have it, folks; the Tenement Museum’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. Hopefully some of these great gifts have inspired you to share the joy of the season with your loved ones. And if it didn’t, our bookstore has books, trinkets, bags, and countless other items in our store and online for you to browse. And while the selection of the perfect gift is a high pressure situation, let’s not forget the best gift we have to give all year: each other.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays from the Lower East Side Tenement Museum!

– Posted by Lib Tietjen