A Habitat and a Home
October 17, 2013

Here in New York City, the dividing line between private and public space is often perilously thin. For better or worse, apartment dwellers vicariously experience the delicious cooking smells, fiery fights and raucous dance parties of their neighbors. These clues into the domestic lives of the people next door often leave us wondering…what exactly goes on over there?

Baldizzi Kitchen

We're willing to bet that the Baldizzi family dinners smelled awfully tempting to the neighbors!

Next Wednesday, October 23rd, indulge your curiosity with us at a free evening Tenement Talk. “Habitats: Private Lives in the Big City” takes its name from Constance Rosenblum’s new book about the surprising private lives of New Yorkers.

For this event, Constance will gather a diverse group of city dwellers from the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan for lively discussions about where, how and with whom they live, along with photos of their homes. Her subjects are as diverse as they are forthcoming: a Soundview woman has created a Hindu shrine in her home; a Borough Park resident has lived in her apartment for more than half a century, creating a time capsule of her 90-plus years of life; a West Village entrepreneur splits her space into work and living quarters.

Like many New York families, the Levines squeezed a work space into their apartment.

We want to hear from you! How do you make your apartment, house, co-op, or wherever you lay your head, feel like home? What’s your favorite spot in your living space? What does it say about you? Tweet @tenementmuseum and let us know.

And we hope you’ll join us next Wednesday, 10/23!

– Posted by Lib Tietjen