Get involved with the Folk Songs project

Folk Songs for the Five Points is an open project – growing and evolving as more people get involved. If you are interested you can get involved in three ways:

  • Saving your presets
    Using the icon on the bottom right of the soundmap, you can save your favorite combinations of sounds for others to hear.
    > click here to listen to other people’s soundmap presets
  • Contributing sounds
    If you have any sound recordings made in the Lower East Side, please let us know – we would love to make them part of the site. Also, if you have an idea for good sounds to use but do not have the equipment to record them, please and we may be able to help.
  • Remixes
    We are also hosting remixes made by professional and non-professional musicians based upon the samples used on the site – you can access all of the original source sounds and you can listen to other musician’s remixes. So go ahead – remix your own folk songs and please if you have a remix you would like to be featured on this site.
    > click here to download the samples
    > click here to listen to other people’s remixes